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About Keith Dsouza

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and know about me. Well before you know me, you need to know about my existence, so to be frank I was born on 8th of October, its also a holiday throughout the world celebrated as my birthday :-). Just kidding there

I have lived 24 years of my living life in Mumbai (India) a place they call the business capital of India. For the rest of the years (two right now, maybe more depending on when your reading this, but calculate it this way (1982 + 24) - which year you are reading this) of my life I have been in United States where I can sit on a train and see 6 people from different nationalities sitting across me.

I am a Software Engineer by profession, and also a Open Source Developer, other than that I do like to create useful applications, that serve some purpose to users. You can read all about my projects. Don't forget to read what I do professionally

Professional: Software Engineer [June of 1999 to date]

I have been into Software for almost 10 long years, I do not know when I will cease to stop being one, but yes I love coding, I love challenges and I love solving puzzles clients throw at me with something called Software.

I have been developing applications in Java, ASP, PHP and more since last 10 years. I also code Open Source Softwares which have been widely used.

I am good learner and quick at it. I make software seem easy to those who are around me.

In addition to that I have also write several useful applications and services which have been helpful to users. You can take a look at my projects page to see which projects I have worked on.

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Blogger: Technology, Blogging Niche

I have been a writer by birth, I came out with a pen and paper in hand. Just kidding. I have always loved writing, since my school days where I wrote essays and more. The liking has since grown into me, but nevertheless did not mean that I was good at it.

I started blogging roughly more than three years ago in 2006 and have since never looked back, I own and edit my technology blog called Techie Buzz, A place to know your technology head on, along with keeping a place where I can crib without making someone lose their balance. I also write professionally for several blogs, the most known of them is Weblog Tools Collection and have also imparted Blogging tips at Blogging Tips.

In addition to these I also have other blogs such as KISS Geeks, Damn Good Lists and Cricket Buzz

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Some facts about me

1. I never attended college because I felt it was a waste of time (I am a graduate by correspondence), in the time that I could spare I built software and made a career out of it.

2. I bought my own house when I was 22 years old, yea that is a plus point of not attending college to waste time.

3. I was laid off from a company after the first month I started working there, because they were cost cutting and I was studying. They called me back and then when I was leaving them, they offered me a offer which I could not refuse, but I refused nevertheless because it was more like being a jerk working there.

4. I got my first appreciation of my work in the new company barely two months after I joined it with a raise in salary. ......continue reading facts about me

Some more facts about me

5. I make more money blogging, than I made while I was working full time in India 3 years ago, by writing a single blog post paid review.

6. I have a bad habit of speaking my mind out, which in the past few years I have "scaled down" to speaking my mind out to myself, still reaching the goal there. I have adapted a saying called "Sleep on It", please don't confuse this with "Sleep with It".

7. I can get pretty sarcastic if you annoy me.

8. I am a practically joker making fun out of situations rather than having to crib about it.

9. The word fear is not in my dictionary, unless it all settles onto me.

10. Well there are several things you should know about me, but I would leave it to the age old formula of know me to know me better.

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