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@twitlookup is my most recent project for the popular micro-blogging, social networking service Twitter.

With @twitlookup users can lookup dictionary definitions, acronymns, #hashtags, weather and live cricket scores, many people spend more time on twitter and this tool is aimed at easing several things users want to lookup.

The tool is simple to use, users just have to send a message to @twitlookup with certain search terms and @twitlookup automatically responsds back to them.

I do plan to add several more useful lookup capabilities in near future to make this a really useful robot for everyone who uses twitter. you can find more information about this by visiting

Google Talk Lookup Bot

Are you looking for a quick way to lookup dictionary definitions? How about asking a freind on your Gtalk?

I wrote the Instant messenger robot to allow users to quickly lookup dictionary words, by sending a simple message, for example if you want to lookup the definition of blogging, just send a message as "dict blogging" and you will instantly get the definitions.

I plan to add the existing twitlookup features to the instant messenger bot in near future

More Info: Google Talk Dictionary Robot

All In One SEO Pack Bridge For Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer and All in One SEO Pack are two really good pieces of softwares available for WordPress users. Windows Live Writer allows users to write and publish blog posts from their desktop, on the other hand All in One SEO pack gives users the ability to optimize the post title for Search engines, and allows users to specify custom keywords and descriptions for the post.

However the two of them do not go hand in hand in the sense that when you post from Windows Live Writer you will still have to go to the WordPress admin dashboard and add the parameters for All in One SEO pack, adding a minor inconvenience to users.

I wrote a plugin called All in One SEO Pack Windows Live Writer Bridge, which aims to bridge this gap, by allowing users to specify All in One SEO Pack details while publishing posts from Windows Live Writer.

More Details: All In One SEO Bridge for WLW

WordPress Automatic Update

WordPress Automatic Update is one of the most famous WordPress plugin ever created, it allows users to automatically upgrade their WordPress installations in few simple steps.

This plugin was created to solve a common problem faced by every WordPress user, the frequent updates in the blogging platform was causing them, instead of having to go through manual steps to install manadatory or security updates along with new releases, this plugin allowed them to upgrade seamlessly from the Admin dashboard.

Over a period of time, this plugin went on to become a basic necessity for many WordPress users. WordPress 2.7 has automatic updates in-built, however many users still prefer to use the WPAU plugin.

More Details: WordPress Automatic Upgrade

Feed Pauser

Feed Pauser is a plugin I wrote to address a issue I have been facing for a long time, the option to delay publishing a post to a feed. Feed pauser, pauses a post from being made available through RSS.

The reason was that several times, I would have made some mistakes in the post grammatically, spellings or even added a wrong link, with instant feed publishing the readers who already received the feeds may see wrong data, which can be avoided if we have a option to pause the feed for a certain amount of time.

The plugin also allowed users to disable individual posts from appearing in the feeds.

More Details: Better Comments Manager

Manage Multiple Blogs

Manage Multiple Blogs uses WordPress RPC (Remote Procedure Call Protocol) to do everything that is listed above. Once you add your credentials MMB will take care of doing the other tasks except for comment management for which you need to have Manage Multiple Blogs Comments RPC plugin installed on your external blog.

Once MMB has verified your credentials with the external blog you will see that the blog has been added and you can start managing it.

MMB allowed users to manage posts and comments for different blogs from a single interface, saving users who have more than one blog running WordPress tons of time.

More Details: Manage Multiple Blogs

Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers

NUS as I call it is a neat plugin that fetches all the subscribers who have not yet subscribed to your feed verifying themselves by clicking on the verification link in the email FeedBurner sends them.

Many users simply do not verify and thus leaving a lot of readers who do want to read your feeds cannot due to the verification email going unnoticed or landing in the spam folder.

NUS asks you for your FeedBurner username and password and fetches all those unconfirmed subscribers allowing you to send a personalized email to them asking them to verify their subscriptions.

More Details: Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers

Better Comments Manager

Better Comments Manager (BCM) was created out of my own needs to quickly and easily respond to commentators without having to visit individual posts.

The plugin allows users to reply to comment from within Wordpress Admin Panel and sort all the comments for any given post.

More Details: Better Comments Manager

Better Tags Manager

Better Tags Manager (BTM) was created out of my own needs to completely do away with categories and move to tags. The problem arose when, converting categories to tags left many of my posts hanging in between with no tags.

That said editing tags was also not easy for me and that is the reason I created this plugin which is the best and easy way to edit tags, manage tags, delete them, bulk edit tags and add tags to multiple posts without even editing them individually.

More Details: Better Tags Manager

Mashup Creator

In this world of content updates by the second, it becomes more and more hard to track and keep up with news from different sites.

I wrote a mashup creator, that will mashup content from several sites and present it to users in a single place, this project is still under constrution, do check back for more information on it.

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