Some Friendly and Professional Testimonials

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Testimonial from Mark Ghosh from Weblog Tools Collection (

Keith is a pleasure to work with and both his technical skills and his people skills are commendable and much appreciated. We have received numerous accolades from various sources for his work and dedication.

Jennifer Beisser from Chefs Line (

I highly recommend Keith Dsouza as a web consultant. If you are looking for a very personable and creative consultant who ALWAYS goes that extra mile for you - well, he is just that kind of person. His skills are great - he works quickly but as importantly, he is a forward thinking innovator when it comes to development. Chefs Line hired Keith in 2007 to implement our online membership tools - he not only wrote the code but integrated the work within a complicated database schema and a custom built + wordpress cms. Keith has also served as a go-to resource for us on all things related to ongoing website maintenance and was the first person called upon during a company website outage. It's a pleasure working with Keith Dsouza and I am sure you will enjoy his solid overarching perspective on development as well quick, hands-on technical skills.

Testimonial from Athreya Chidambi - Designer (

I have worked with Keith on numerous occasions and found him to be very reliable. As a developer Keith has in depth knowledge of his field and has always been up to date with the latest web trends and standards. Its been a pleasure working with him and wouldn't hesitate to refer him to others.

Testimonial from Manisha Makwana (ex-colleague)

Keith and speed go hand in hand. A person who believes life is too short and lot of things are to be accomplished. A good combination of multitasking and detail oriented.Master in Java.Wishing you great luck.Keep inspiring.....

Testimonial from Pratik Naik (ex-colleague)

Keith is work oriented team leader who manages the team very well. He is very supportive and well knowledge person.

Testimonial from Manish Garg (Friend and Blogger)

Keith is real Gem of a person. People help you if they know you. But Keith is one of those, who will help you otherwise also. He is a respectable figure in the Tech-Blogging scene today.

Testimonial from Manohar Lokare (Friend)

Keith has worked on java platform and is well versed in web development. He is currently works in Esaya Inc as Software Engineer III and is a team lead.

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